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Delane McGuire, AMFT


Pursuing your own healing can feel overwhelming and initiating a relationship with a therapist is often a daunting part of this process. If you’ve made the courageous decision to seek healing through therapy, I would be honored to support you by creating a warm and safe space that will allow you the freedom to explore your feelings and develop new ways of coping. I enjoy working with teens and adults of many backgrounds, and I feel especially passionate about working with women that are experiencing relationship conflict, life transitions, or carrying the burdens of trauma. My approach is designed to authentically meet each client where they are at with compassion to help them gain insight that leads to healing and empowerment in their own lives.


Everyone’s story is unique; therefore, I believe therapy should be a place where we practice leaning into this story with curiosity, without judgement, and with the openness to explore how your past experiences may be impacting your present reality. Pursuing counseling is a choice that highlights your resiliency, and my aim is to facilitate an environment that will allow you to continue to foster that resiliency and find hope in the areas that you may feel discouraged.

Client Focus & Qualifications:

  • All ages - children over 6 years old & adults

  • Individuals, Couples, Families

  • Areas of interest include anxiety, depression, trauma, attachment issues, spirituality, parts psychology, and mindfulness practices

  • EMDR Trained

  • Cost per session: $95

  • License & State: AMFT138612 California

  • Supervised by: Keila Stout, LMFT 86610 California

  • Year Graduated: 2022

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